Port of Helsinki

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland)

Port of Helsinki is the terminus for three passenger ferry routes - Tallinn, Estonia; Travemünde, Germany; and Stockholm, Sweden.

There are nearly 20 departures daily for Tallinn (over 30 during the summer), and one departure daily for Stockholm and Travemünde.

Helsinki to Tallinn

JumboCats, SuperSeaCats and hydrofoil craft operate the majority of departures to Tallinn. These fast ferries depart over 25 times daily during the summer, slowing down to 15 departures per day during the off-season, and reach Tallinn in 1 hour, 40 minutes. Conventional ferries depart six times daily (five times on Saturday) and complete the journey in 3 hours, 30 minutes.

Tallinn is Estonia's main port, encompassing five harbours and processing seven million passengers yearly. The facilities include a number of shops and a café, and are constantly being improved to accommodate the growing number of passengers.

Helsinki to Stockholm

Except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, two overnight ferries depart for Stockholm daily in the late afternoon. The journey takes 17 hours. Stockholm port has immigration facilities and information services for passengers as well as excellent disabled passenger access.

Helsinki to Travemünde

There is one departure for Travemünde daily, two on Friday. Most trips take two-nights, with the journey lasting 36 hours. There are two sailings that leave in the early afternoon and arrive late the next night, lasting 32 hours. Sunday departures also depart early in the afternoon, but take 40 hours to complete the trip.

Travemünde is Germany's largest Baltic ferry port. Short-term and long-term parking is available here as well as shuttle services for those arriving without vehicles.

Helsinki Port

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