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Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland)

There are seven companies providing passenger ferry services from Helsinki. Eckeröline, LindaLine, NordicJetLine, Silja Line and Tallink serve the frequent connections to Tallinn, Estonia.

Viking Line offers next-day service to Stockholm, Sweden and Finnlines provides two-day passage to Travemünde, Germany.

Eckeröline Ferry Services

With the exception of December 24 and 25, Eckeröline departs once daily for Tallinn, with a single return departure for Helsinki later the same day. The timetable differs only slightly during autumn, and only Sunday's departure is affected. The crossing is made on conventional ferry and takes 3 hours, 30 minutes.

M/S Nordlandia is the only ship that services this route. It is a 228 cabin, 2,000 passenger conventional ferry with capacity for 450 cars. There is accommodation for passengers with allergies, handicapped passengers and passengers with pets. Onboard services include a buffet restaurant, dance club, pub, café, duty-free shop and 200-person capacity conference rooms.

Finnlines Ferry Services

Finnlines cruises sail daily for Travemünde, Germany. The journey takes about 36 hours and generally spans two nights. Presently, Finnlines ferries depart Monday through Thursday at 20:00, and Friday through Sunday at 15:00, with an additional departure on Friday night at 22:00.

Finnlines currently operates four Hansa-class conventional freight and passenger ships - M/S Finnhansa, M/S Finnpartner, M/S Finntrader and M/S Transeuropa. Capacity on these ships is 114 passengers, while there are 34 cabins and room for vehicles. The ships are luxuriously appointed with spacious cabins, a pet area, a shop, saunas, a miniature golf course, a conference room, a buffet restaurant and more. All meals are included with the fare.

Three new passenger/cargo vessels will enter service in summer and autumn 2006. These ships are larger and faster, and will complete the Helsinki-Travemünde run in 27 hours. They will accommodate 500 passengers in 201 cabins, with additional space for vehicles. Onboard facilities are equal to, or better than, the Hansa-class ferries.

LindaLine Ferry Services

LindaLine operates fast ferries between Helsinki and Tallinn. The schedule varies by season, departing three times daily during the off-season and up to seven times in a day during summer.

LindaLine's two hydrofoil ferries, named Laura and Jaanika, make the crossing in 90 minutes. They can accommodate 182 passengers and have room for bicycles and pets, but no space for vehicles. Onboard facilities include two passenger lounges, a bar and a shop. LindaLine offers snacks, drinks, daily newspapers and access to the business lounge to Linda Class passengers.

NordicJetLine Ferry Services

NordicJetLine connects Helsinki and Tallinn with routes serviced by two JumboCat ferries. Currently, NordicJetLine ferries depart three times daily. After 18 August, 2006, departures will increase to six times daily.

HSC Baltic Jet and HSC Nordic Jet alternate crossings on this route. The craft can handle 428 passengers between Jet Class and Business Class seating, and 55 cars on the vehicle deck. Each ferry has a bar, café, shop and an information desk with currency exchange facilities. Business-class fare includes a buffet and refreshments.

Silja Line Ferry Services

Silja Line is another operator on the Helsinki to Tallinn route, and also provides passage to Stockholm. Their Helsinki to Tallinn schedule varies seasonally, departing three to five times per day. Silja sails once per day to Stockholm.

Silja Line's SuperSeaCat Three and SuperSeaCat Four link Helsinki and Tallinn with a 1 hour, 40 minute fast ferry ride. The SuperSeaCats ships are nearly identical. SuperSeaCat Three accommodates 671 passengers and up to 140 passenger cars, while SuperSeaCat Four seats up to 707 passengers. The SuperSeaCats each feature a bar/restaurant and a duty-free shop.

The journey to Stockholm is handled by Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony, both identical passenger vessels. These ships make crossing overnight, in 17 hours, 30 minutes, with a short stop in Mariehamn en-route. They can hold 2,852 passengers, while there is room for 350 cars. Onboard, there are numerous restaurants, live entertainment, a casino, a duty-free shop and children's activity centres.

Tallink Ferry Services

Tallink offers the most frequent fast ferry service between Helsinki and Tallinn, departing nine times daily during summer and six times daily in the off-season. Tallink also provides slow ferry service with three departures daily Sunday through Friday, and two departures on Saturday.

AutoExpress Two, AutoExpress Three and AutoExpress Four are Tallink's fast ferries. They cross from Helsinki to Tallinn in 1 hour, 40 minutes. AutoExpress Two can carry 660 passengers, while AutoExpress Three and AutoExpress Four can carry 580 passengers. All ferries can hold up to 175 cars. Onboard accommodation is available, while facilities include a bar, restaurant, duty-free shop and currency exchange services.

M/S Galaxy is one of the conventional ferries serving the connection to Tallinn. The trip on M/S Galaxy takes roughly 3 hours, 30 minutes. It is Tallink's newest ship, built in 2006. M/S Galaxy can accommodate 2,800 passengers, but no vehicles. Services onboard include five restaurants, two show bars, a disco, five bars, two private saunas and a public sauna, three shops, a children's playroom and a conference centre. There are 927 cabins of various sizes and class, three of which are handicap-accessible, while all cabins have a toilet, shower and LCD TV.

M/S Meloodia is smaller and slightly faster, making the trip in 3 hours, 15 minutes. It has a 1,500 passenger capacity and 385 cabins, and it also does not accommodate vehicles. M/S Meloodia's facilities include several restaurants, a show bar, a pub, a duty-free shop, a conference centre and a children's playroom.

Viking Line Ferry Services

Viking Line conventional ferries sail twice daily to Tallinn and once daily to Stockholm. The schedule periodically diverges from the established timetable, but these changes are not seasonal.

M/S Rosella links Helsinki and Tallinn, making two round-trips per day. This is the fastest slow ferry on the route, crossing in just 3 hours. Rosella can transport 1,700 passengers and 340 passenger vehicles. There are 1,184 cabins onboard, ranging in size. Other facilities include two restaurants, a café, a bar, a casino, a shop, a conference hall and a games room.

Cruises to Stockholm are serviced by the M/S Gabriella and M/S Mariella. Both complete the journey in 17 hours. Gabriella can transport 400 cars and 2,420 passengers in 2,402 cabins, while Mariella carries 430 cars and 2,500 passengers in 2,500 cabins. Both offer several restaurants, a café, at least one pub, a disco, a conference room, a playroom, a duty-free shop and an information counter.

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